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Autumn/Winter 2014 Beauty Tips and Trends

Extra care is always needed in the Autum/Winter months in order to nourish and rehydrate your body, from the damage that the frequent harsh weathers can cause. Here are a few beauty trends, products and tips you shouldn't live without:

Keep your skin look smooth and silky without spending a fortune. There are a fair few inexpensive products on the market that can keep your skin looking lovely. For a fast absorbing moisturiser that boast of keeping your skin hydrated for 7 days is the Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Moisturiser, which you can buy for around £3-£4 from your local beauty store. If you are a lover of the body butter, you may like to try Soap and Glorys The Righteous Body Butter body butter that contains aloe vera fragranced with their 'Original Pink' fragrance.

Cracked lips can affect us all and usually takes us by surprise. Popping a moisturising lip balm into your bag for the coming months will be the one of the best decisions you make. For a moisturising and yet shiny/glossy looking balm, take a look at the Clinique Super balm lip treatment or the Body Shop's lip butter range. These lip balms will leave you with silky and hydrated lips.

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Our winter hair care routine sees us all turning to hair serums and conditioners to banish broken strands, dry scalps and that uncontrollable frizz. The TRESemme' Heat Defence styling spray will protect and strengthen your hair whilst scenting your locks with beautiful smelling fresh scents. It also helps to tame frizz that can often get your hair in a tangle. It is always a good idea to invest in Aragn or Moroccan oil to apply to hair to add extra shine and smoothness, instantly moisturising the hair. Be sure to make sure that the oil hair products is not too heavy for your hair type, as it may cause premature greasiness.  Why not try using a hair mask once a week to revitalise and add extra moisture. For an all natural product; Lush sells a seaweed hair and scalp mask full of conditioning ingredients to repair your hair.

The catwalk is seeing make-up trends such as graphic and bold eye-liners, the 'invisi-brow' and a glittery winter glow ( for this your highlighter/luminiser is your new beauty best bud). Go to Glamour Magazine to see the latest trends brought to you from the runway.