CACI anti-ageing treatments at Apollo Beauty Salon

Preston, Lancashire and the Fylde

What is CACI?

CACI is a micro current device which uses a unique combination of specific waveforms coupled with ultra low frequencies that combine with your bodies natural bio-electrical field. These tiny electrical impulses stimulate muscle tone and enhance skin tissue.

The CACI system also receives feedback signals from the patient and adjusts these waveforms based on the client, and their own bio electrical field.

Why Use CACI?

As an industry leader, CACI system have been widely used, and continually improved over the last decades.  They have tailored their treatments for individual areas, to ensure that the very best results are achieved.

With their technology in the leading salon accross the UK – you can trust in that not only are you getting the best results – but also that its ‘tried, tested and safe’.

Apollo Beauty Salon, Preston, Lancashire

Price List

CACI Eye Revive

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles Combats dark circles Lifts hooded eyes Soothes tired and puffy eyes


C.A.C.I. Ultimate Non-Surgical Facelift

1hr 30m

£79.00 or Course of 10 for £649.00

C.A.C.I. Ultimate Booster Facial



C.A.C.I. Ultimate Hydralift

1hr 30m


C.A.C.I. Ultimate Hydratone Mask



C.A.C.I. Eye Treatment



C.A.C.I. Ultimate Microdermabrasion



C.A.C.I. Quantum Non-Surgical Facelift


£43.00 or Course of 10 for £375.00

C.A.C.I. Quantum Face and Body


Course of 10 £475.00

C.A.C.I. Introductory Trial



C.A.C.I. Deluxe

(includes exfoliation, steam …mask and ampoule) 1hr 30m


C.A.C.I Jowl Lift


£25.00 or course of 10 for £225

C.A.C.I Jowl Lift add on


£15.00 or course of 10 for £135

C.A.C.I Wrinkle Revolution

Express Treatment for Linies and wrinkles - 30m


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