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Beauty Trends and Tips for Spring 2015

Revive your look this year by applying these few beauty trends and tips, guaranteed to add fresh beauty inspiration to Spring 2015 and onwards. Thanks  to new skincare products hitting the market - with Spring 2015 trends being splashed on the catwalk since November 2014 - your everyday banishing blemishes and beauty advice is here to help kick start your new year into action: bought to you by no other than Apollo Beauty Salon.

With 2015 now in full swing, word in the industry is that more people are now focusing on reducing the size of their pores, opting for serums and treatments thought to focus on this issue over lines and wrinkles. Age and exposing our skin to the sun are factors which effect the size of our pores - but sometimes this can't be helped. However, with the turn of the new year, more products are hitting the high street, that are said to help reduce the look of pores. Keep an eye out for minimising facial lotions and peels with a key goal for minimisation. Or why not try the Apollo Deepening Facial to purify and improve the appearance and texture of your skin?

In the meanwhile, try the following these simple steps (if you don't already), which should help to minimise your pores:
  • Use an all-natural facial scrub, which will help to remove dead skin cells.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Try using a steam bath to open and clean pores.
  • Try to avoid smoking as this can reduce the supply of oxygen and bloody flow from getting to the skin, which is important for repair.
  • Moisturise your face every morning/night after exfoliating and washing your face.

Looking for a quick and easy was of sprucing up your glow? Why not try out these make-up looks, set to inspire the faces of the nation in 2015.
  • Pretty Pinks - Making an appearance once more - PINK IS BACK - but don't worry if you are finding that candy pink isn't really your thing, opt for more subtle tones for a youthful look that is still perfect for this Spring.
  • Softening the smokey eye - Use a brown eyeliner across your top eyelid with a warming beige or light brown eye shadow and slightly blend the two for a subtle yet sophisticated look, that you could rock day or night.
  • Au Natural -  The au natural is easy to do, but it's all about getting the right the right look for you. Not all colours, shapes and finishes suit everyone! When opting got the Au natural look, don't be afraid to try subtle orange or pink blush tones to gather an idea for which best compliments your complexion. Keep this in mind when its comes to your eyebrows: if thick eyebrows don't flatter your face in this look, keep your natural shape well groomed and lightly brush out to refine the shape, rather than adding harsh lines to your arches or filling in your brows.