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The Benefits of Body Massage

Today, with the stresses and strains of a non-stop busy lifestyle, it is easy to forget about simply taking time out to relax and unwind.

However, massage treatments are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. Even celebrities such as Mariah Carey, (who once splashed out on a £1500, 8 hour, body massage session) makes sure to relieve the built up tensions of every day living.

With massages actually being one of the most affordable treatments, it is hard to believe that more people have not hopped on the bandwagon - or so to speak - and thrown themselves at the amazing benefits that come with body massaging.

Not only beneficial for the body, a body massage can eliminate the grey frog of today’s burdens, proving to release endorphins, which give you that “feel good” feeling! With a range of techniques available at The Apollo Beauty salon you will be astounded with the improvements they can have on different aspects of your body.

It has been proven that massage treatments can actually help relieve stiff and aching joints, improve natural skin tone and colour, improve muscle tone and even increase digestion functionality.

Massages at Apollo are fused with Aromatherapy oils, skin brushes and exfoliation and heat packs, that will immerse you in a relaxing environment with ultimate pampering sensations.

So with 25% discount on all massage treatments every Wednesday, between 10am-4pm, who could resist?