Beauty Treatment

A Guide For Good Hair Removal

Its can often be a lengthy and tiresome task when trying to wade through the endless amounts of high street waxing products and hair removal solutions, that give you results that can often leave you disappointed. Redness and quickly growing stubble can begin to show, if the right product or method is not chosen for you.

Apollo Beauty Salon offers many waxing solutions for unwanted hair, using the highest quality products, means you are left feeling silky smooth instead of lacking luster from unfulfilling high street product buys. Before starting the waxing process, soothing lotions are applied to areas that will be treated, aiding the waxing treatment. Lotions are also applied after, to help the recovery of the skin. A tweezer finish helps to remove any hair where waxing was unable to be used, so you can have piece of mind that every inch of the treated area is smooth.

What other hair removal options do I have? You have probably heard a few myths about Electrolysis for example, that it is painful; but actually in most cases, the electrolysis procedure does not cause much discomfort. The Apollo Beauty gold needle Electrolysis equipment can be a very effective way of banishing unwanted hair.

How does Electrolysis work? Electrolysis has become a very common way of completely removing hair. It does so by applying a fine probe into the opening of the skin (hair follicle). A low level of electrical current is then passed through probe to destroy the follicle. Once destroyed, the hair is unable to grow back.

Although it may take several visits to finally get rid of hair permanently, this treatment can prove rewarding. Please note that the amount of treatments needed, will vary with each person. Don’t panic! Free Consultations at Apollo Beauty Salon are given to ease you into your Electrolysis treatment, where you can feel free to ask any questions you may have about the treatment.