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Male Grooming Tips and Tricks for 2015

The beauty industry is full of tips, tricks and techniques offering a multitude of advice for females and until now, there lacked a certain gathering of information to offer advice for pampering or grooming techniques for males. At Apollo Beauty Salon, both men and women are welcomed to enjoy the array of beauty treatments that we have available. Manicures, back massages, classic facials and back/chest waxing are all available in store for men to indulge in. But what about when you need a quick male grooming fix? It's often thought that there is a lack of male beauty advice that caters to men. So here is part 1 of the manifesto for the best male grooming tips and products for 2015.

Classic Wet Shaving

Although we've seen the craze of a thick sculpted beard and moustache increase in popularity with exceptional speed of the last couple of years, but there's really nothing like the time honoured tradition of the classic wet shave to get a man feeling back to themselves. But remember, you will only be rewarded with a glowing appearing and if you use the best shaving tools out there - cheap disposables that masquerade as razor are really not the best option for a smooth finish. Done properly a wet shave can leave you with long lasting smoothness! So, before perfecting your shaving technique, it is essential that you purchase a wet shaving set.   beard-shaving-set  

Male Skin Care

It's important to remember that we put our skin through a lot with unpredictable weather changes taking it's toll. Here are a few things to remember if you want to keep your face looking smooth and clear this year: Start by using a moisturising face wash ever morning when you are taking a shower. This will help to prevent you from getting dry skin that can become taught or crack during the day. Try usingDove Men+Care Clean Comfort Micro Moisture Body and Face Wash for an all round effective face wash for moderate skin that wont cost you a fortune.         Dove-Men-Care-Clean-Comfort-Body-and-Face-Wash-160423 I know everyone has busy lives, but theres always time to moisturise. Moisturising your face and body is one of the easiest way to keep your body looking younger. Moisturising is even more important in to the winter for keeping your face nourished as the winter cold makes the keratin in your face stiffer than usual. However, just as important as moisturising your skin is in the winter, it's important to know that it is completely prevalent that you should think about wearing a daily sunscreen on your face- this is because although the weather may be cold or overcast, you are still sustainable to getting UV skin damage. Think about reducing the damage and improving the look of your skin with an Apollo Beauty Salon facial.


As it's coming up to Valentine's day why not invest in a new fragrance. A top tip for applying your fragrance is to remember that you only need to spray up to 3 times to have a long lasting aroma. You may be susceptible to the smell but others aren't, so if you feel as though you are getting used to your every day go-to fragrance why not try one of these:



Male Beauty Treatments

If this winter has got you looking a bit rough and ragged -  now you can get yourself pampered and groomed with our wonderful male grooming treatments at Apollo Beauty Salon. We have a range of options for you to choose from, just contact the team and we will get you back to feeling like yourself in no time.