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The Perfect Pedicure and Manicure

Your hands and feet usually take the brunt of a hard days work. Apollo beauty Salon can help to add the spring back into your step and the well deserved attention into your hands, with our range of pedicure and manicure treatments, set to get you back to feeling glamorous. Whilst exfoliating away the remains of a busy lifestyle, sit back and relax at Apollo Beauty Salon.

Whether you are ready to make a statement at a social event, want to add the finishing touches to your ensemble or simply treat yourself to confidence boosting treatment, we have the perfect manicure and pedicure treatment for you. With the combination of massaging and nail refining acts, we can get your hands and feet back to looking youthful and rejuvenated.

Manicures can extremely benefit your nails, as the process includes cleaning and treating the nail and cuticle, which aids growth whilst helping to keep your nails strong.


Often being the most neglected part of the body, your feet can often miss out on the regular caring routine you apply to the rest of your body. So take a stand and give your feet an all important pampering session. To relieve the tension of aching feet, moisturise cracked heels back to a point of youthful hydration and trim and shape nails for beautiful looking feet.

You can rely on Apollo to give you the ultimate pamper experience! Sit back and take in a  full morning or afternoon of relaxation, which includes a full body massage using soothing oils, a facial treatment and a luxury manicure and pedicure treatments. Just one of the many pedicure and manicure treatments that we offer.

You can book now or view Apollo Beauty Salon Pedicure and Manicure Treatments here.

Here are a few of the latest nail trends for Autumn/Winter 2014, brought to you from the latest catwalks for your inspiration.

Nail Trends for Autumn/Winter 2014

The Nude Colour Palette- With natural looking makeup hitting the catwalk, for an understated beauty with a striking effect, the nude and natural theme begins to spread to the hands and feet. Pale, subtle and 'barely-there' shades of nail varnishes add an elegant refinement, suitable for any outfit or occasion.

The Marble Effect - A simple way of adding intricate-looking detail to your nails which actually takes no time at all.

The Two-tone Tip - Dynamic and uncategorised styling and fashion is prevalent within the fashion industry- even more so is the need to mix and match with minimal effort. The two-tone nails tip provides a unique way of adopting two colours or styles within one nail design, whilst still keeping things simple and fresh.