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Top tips for glorious skin


There are a few simple, yet key things you can do to vastly improve the appearance of your skin, especially after indulging in a day out in the summer sun. A simple and effective skin care routine, can transform the look and youthfulness of your face.

Treat your skin from within

Making a few changes in your diet can significantly improve the quality of your skin. Drinking plenty of water and green tea whilst eating foods that are rich in antioxidants and full of vitamins (such as melon, spinach, berries, salmon and a range of nuts and seeds) can renew and repair broken and inflamed skin.

Banish dry skin

A useful way for getting rid of dry and dead skin is to gently exfoliate with a facial and body scrubs, paying special attention to the knees and elbows, as these can usually become dry problematic areas. After exfoliating, make sure to always moisturise.

Cool off

Although it is tempting to have a hot shower after a long day, it can actually further make your skin dry if you’ve been exposed to the sun. Opting for a cool shower can really help to rejuvenate your skin and keep you feeling fresh.

Sunscreen is your best friend

You’ve probably heard it all before, but using sunscreen is the easiest way for keeping your skin looking younger for much longer. Most wrinkles actually accumulate from sun exposure, so it is much easier to take preventative methods to stop this from happening, than it is to fix. Even in the winter months it is important to protect your skin from sunrays, which can be just as strong as they are in summer.

Whether you’re tired, experiencing breakouts or your skin looks dry and unloved from being exposed to the sun this summer (or if you just want to give your skin a well needed treat), exploring the range of Apollo Facial treatments will improve your mood and skin health.

We have an array of facial treatments to vastly improve your skin, taking it from lack lustering, to glowing and youthful in just a few steps.